Spinal Reflex Institute, Intl.'s Destination Workshops

SRI Destination Workshops

SRI Destination Workshops are a fantastic opportunity for you to meet your workshop requirement while treating yourself, and your family, to a vacation in some of the most beautiful places in the world. These workshops offer a unique opportunity for you to shut off the stresses of daily living so that you can fully experience your Certification Program. Check back periodically for new workshop offerings. 

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Dr. Frank Jarrell's Durango Colorado Symposium

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St. Maarten 2017!

Don't delay! Huge savings on Workshops! Travel Rates are subject to change and availability is on first come, first served basis.

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St. Maarten February 2016!

Bahamas February 2015

There is something so magical about being in such a wonderful environment while learning to utilize and develop our skills with this very special and effective technique! We had so much FUN working on each other and experiencing the results. WOW!!! Can’t wait till next year!
— Dr. Jeff
We had so much fun! I can’t wait for the next one. It was really awesome.

— S.F., LMT
I loved the Bahamas! This was a perfect way to escape the city for a week and take back an amazing tan, an abundance of vitamins D and a higher level of SRT proficiency.

Repetition and play are essential elements of learning, probably the two most important factors in integration of new information and skills. Play was plentiful in the Bahamas class. Although I have been doing SRA for almost six years none of the material presented felt redundant or unnecessary and it helped clarify so many things that I have been unsure of. Most importantly, it taught me how to be selective and consequently more efficient. Dr. Frank’s intuitiveness and the ability to listen with his fingers is unsurpassed and although that is probably the hardest skill to impart on someone, I believe that I have become a more perceptive somatic listener.

Looking forward to more ‘spirited’ classes like this.

— G.G., LMT