5Minute Body for Life

Self-Care Program

This 3 day, comprehensive wellness program includes individual and group training with activities to help you learn the tools, techniques and options necessary to live in a low stress, vitality infused body for the rest of your life. Reduce your stress, learn to move and carry yourself with grace and comfort, move into a healthy weight zone and develop a playful mind and a strong and flexible body.

5Minute Back Pregnancy

Safe for all trimesters

The 5Minuteback Pregnancy program is the only program that specifically targets the deep inner muscles along your spine, the ones that have the most impact on the function of your spine, how you carry the extra baby weight and whether your back hurts or fatigues quickly. By targeting these small spinal muscles, the 5Minuteback Pregnancy program stabilizes your spine and helps prevent and eliminate back pain during pregnancy, regardless of whether it is due to hormonal changes, extra weight gain or postural changes. 5Minuteback Pregnancy also addresses the large muscles of the back and abdomen, but in the proper sequence and in proportion to the TrueCore spinal muscles so that you are stabilizing your back in the most effective way possible: From the inside out.

5MinuteBack & TrueCore

Fast, Lasting Pain Relief, Strength and Mobility for Your Clients & Patients!

5MinuteBack™ (5MB™) Spinal Stabilization Training offers safe, non-invasive and profoundly effective ways for practitioners to help teach their clients/patients how to compliment your care by reducing muscle and joint pain, increasing freedom and ease of movement and maximizing physical performance rapidly. 5MB is designed to complement long term care and/or provide your client/patient with long term solutions through spinal stabilization exercises.

TrueCore Prescription Spinal Stabilization Exercises

TrueCore RX Exercises Provide Immediate Activation of the Deepest Muscles of the Spine so that Strength and Mobility for your clients/patients can be achieved in moments. 

TrueCore™ Spinal Stabilization RX Exercises offer safe, non-invasive and profoundly effective strategies to practitioners to help their patients and clients reduce or eliminate muscle and joint pain, increase freedom and ease of movement and maximize physical performance in real time. TC RX Exercises stabilize spinal facet joints and shuts off spondylogenic reflex activity, further allowing the integration of other progressive spinal stabilization exercises.