The Benefits of SRI Certification

The Benefits of SRI Certification Programs

As Experienced by SRA & SRT Practitioners, Clients & Patients

Becoming an SRA or SRT Certified Provider is extremely beneficial to your practice, patients and to yourself. Our providers are proud of what they do and are thrilled to share their successful experiences with us as they grow and improve. Each and every benefit statement below has been made by one of our Certified Providers. 

General Benefits

  • Uniquely formulated to offer a viable alternative to pain medication addiction risk and long-term pain management through soft tissue, neurology and neuropharmocology
  • SRT and SRA are based on universal principals in physiology and neurology that are taught and applied specifically for your profession's protocols, scope of practice and professional needs. 
  • SRT and SRA Certification

Treatment Benefits

  • Predictable, dependable and reproducible outcomes
  • Dramatically improved assessment and treatment accuracy
  • Rapid assessment cycle (under 30 seconds) and treatment determination 
  • Effectively treat a given muscle pattern in 15-30 minutes
  • Diagnose and treat with predictable and powerful outcomes
  • Rapid identification of an activated SRS
  • Fast, efficient, powerful and highly effective outcomes
  • Quickly reduce musculoskeletal pain and symptoms, muscle tension, overall pain, and stress 
  • Increase range of motion in multiple joints 
  • Use precise treatment charts to guide you on each treatment
  • Dramatically and rapidly improve your skills 
  • Works on new and old injuries
  • Powerful and consistent results every time
  • See immediate results with treatment 
  • Implement protocols into your practice immediately after the course
  • Measurable and obtainable results
  • Easy technique that is very powerful
  • Get great results after just one treatment
  • Help address unresolved problems in patients/clients

Job Satisfaction

  • Increased provider satisfaction
  • Builds confidence
  • Bring the excitement back to your profession
  • Higher provider and team professional satisfaction
  • Fantastic investment in your professional career
  • Reignites your passion in your work

Benefits to Your Practice

  • Increases outcomes, referrals, practice volume, income, and professional satisfaction
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Continuity of provider services across all locations
  • Shared concepts and language between providers
  • Alleviates the stress that many techniques put on your body 
  • SRT and SRA will enhance and integrate quickly and easily with other techniques used in assessing and treating neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) conditions

Benefits of the Course

  • Flexibility of home study and workshop that works best for your schedule
  • Extensive hands-on experience
  • Fantastic instructor to student ratio
  • Incorporates nutrition, laser, exercise and technique
  • Spinal Stabilization Training
  • You don’t just learn the technique, but the science behind it also
  • Understandable and concise materials 
  • We work with you to ensure successful outcomes after the completion of our courses
  • Home study and hands-on workshop
  • Training videos are easy to use and reinforce home study
  • Techniques are demonstrated on challenging cases in the workshops
  • Includes precise treatment charts

Benefits to Patients/Clients

  • Increased patient/client satisfaction
  • Patients/clients love SRT and SRA. They can see the results after just one treatment
  • Immediate results 
  • It reinforces patient/client to provider relationships by establishing a plan
  • Time and again the patient will see you for all of their NMS conditions