Spinal Reflex Therapy for Spa Massage

High Outcome Therapy for Spa Massage


Now you can get the powerful benefits of Spinal Reflex Therapy in a Spa setting when you learn this quick, concise and effective version designed to achieve excellent results while fitting perfectly into the time frame and client expectations of a Spa massage environment!

SRT Spa is easy to deliver along with your typical session, can improve clients mood, reduce or alleviate most common client complaints such as headaches, stress, muscle spasms, neck and back pain, extremity pain, stiffness, limited range of motion, improve client response to other modalities and much more.  

SRT Spa is fast and easy to learn and has a tremendous impact on your client’s physical status.

SRT Spa outcomes can increase client requests and repeat customers!

This program is great for anyone who works in a spa setting, whether or not you have had previous SRT training, as it is very concise and designed to fit into a spa session.



SRT training programs are approved through the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers (NCBTMB) for the U.S and the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT) for continuing education

Certification in Spinal Reflex Therapy is the best investment I have made in my professional career! With the precise treatment charts and the accuracy of this system I get powerful and consistent results every time. And that’s a real confidence builder!
— S.F., LMT

Massage Therapist Practicing Spinal Reflex Therapy

Powerful Outcomes

Successful therapeutic outcomes are dependent upon highly standardized protocols, procedures and skill sets. Predictable, dependable and reproducible, or "PDR" outcomes are critical for an efficient and successful therapeutic experience for both you and your client.

With SRT, you no longer have to "hunt" for taught or tender muscle fibers. You assess your client findings within 30 seconds, pull up the SRT map at your finger tips and treat for 15-45 minutes by applying mild pressure to specific muscle origins and insertions associated with the clients reflex pattern.

SRT is fast and effective! Those taught, fibrous knots and bands of soft tissue and their resulting trigger points and pain that you palpate and treat on a daily basis will begin to fade away without even touching them. 

SRT results are immediate and they are PDR driven. If you are treating one, or seven billion clients world wide; all you need is SRT for fast and effective care!. 

The Science behind SRT for Massage Therapy