SRA Lasers

FLIR Infrared Imaging Training

Real time objective radiometric data for NMS conditions

Our goal is to help you "make the difference" by bringing you the world’s most advanced infrared imaging technology for assessment and infrared guided treatment. We then combine it with the world’s most powerful laser technology and diagnostic protocols to give you the very best outcomes possible.

No other laser technology (Lumix) or protocols (SRA) can stand up to the objective radiometric data produced by FLIR infrared imaging. You will experience unmatched quality, consistency, dependability in functional objective improvement, client/patient and therapist/physician satisfaction, practice growth and return on investment from three of the top leaders in neuromusculoskeletal care.

When you purchase through, you will receive the industries only NMS Self Training Program with every FLIR E8 or E65 model selected. This powerful IR manual will guide you with direct, no-nonsense instructions and sample IR imaging to include a wide array of NMS conditions. With or without the Spondylogenic Reflex Analysis protocols or the Lumix Laser, the FLIR E8 or E65 Infrared Imaging Camera is a must for today’s rapid outcome based practices.