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“I have a client who comes in for an hour once a week so I can work on her shoulder and keep it from going “full frozen” and help increase her range of motion. I just did SRT on her for the first time and relieved most of her pain associated with her shoulder and increased her range of motion by 50% without even touching the rotator cuff muscles! She was thrilled and amazed and said she thinks this will be “life changing” for her!”
— L.C.V, LMT

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I took the leap and purchased a Lumix 3 - 250W 18 months ago. My cash earnings from the laser alone was $85,000 by the end of the first year! I paid my laser off 2.8 times in one year including start-up! Dr. Jarrell not only trained me on the most powerful modality available today, he trained me on a successful laser business model, case management, laser patient workflow and how to promote the Lumix Laser difference!!! It was is just a laser sale, it is an SRA Laser Success Formula!
— Dr. RT, Virginia

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“I have had neck and back soreness for many years. Frequent visits to physical therapists have offered some relief but usually very temporary. I recently had an issue with my neck that caused loss of strength in my left arm. One treatment with Spinal Reflex Therapy returned almost full strength to my arm and a substantial reduction in pain in my neck. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from neck and back pain.”
— D.H.
“As a Physical Therapist with 31 years of experience in all aspects of care from manual therapy certification to various other soft tissue and joint techniques, I have found the SRT protocol to be the technique that pulls it all together. The evaluation is straight forward, quick to perform and identifies the spondylogenic reflex accurately so corrective treatment can begin in less than 2 minutes. I have seen patients muscle weaknesses dramatically improve in just a few minutes whereas it would take much longer using any other technique. With the supplied App I have a roadmap that takes the guesswork out of the SRS pattern that is very dependable, predictable and reproducible. I recommend Spinal Reflex Therapy to every Physical Therapist regardless of their field of practice as the spondylogenic reflex is universal in its effects on the human body and its ability to heal.”
— J.M., PT, MTC

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“I absolutely loved the program! Within 1 week I noticed improvement in my back. I like the fact that the exercises don’t require too much time to do. I am so much better since taking the class. I have already told at least five other people that they must do this program!”
— V.T.
“Dr. Jarrell’s information on spinal reflexes relative to adjusting patterns is one of the most innovative insights into subluxation and treating patients in our field in 30 years! I recommend his course to every DC.”
— D.K., DC