Spinal Reflex Institute, Why Choose Us

On a Mission to Improve Outcomes


Our mission at Spinal Reflex Institute, Intl. (SRI) is to dramatically enhance professional skills and improve client/patient outcomes for all nerve, muscle and joint healthcare professions through evidence based treatment strategies and advanced continuing education opportunities.


Our Programs Guarantee Your Success


Our students are given all of the tools that they need to be successful at our protocols. They learn through a combination of home study materials, workshops, training videos, case studies, and demonstrations to ensure that they have all of the information they need to start working on their clients/patients. In addition, they receive over 300 precise visual charts in an easy to use software app and an infrared unit to provide them with predictable, dependable and reproducible outcomes. Moreover, our programs guarantee their success through fantastic instructor to student ratios and continued support even after the completion of their programs.



Based on 2011 independent marketing survey of SRT Certified Therapists developed by Sanders and Clients, Amsterdam, NL


SRA & SRT Pain Programs Are Available for Multiple Professions


Not only are our protocols unique, but they offer shared concepts and language to allow licensed professionals to work across fields to ensure the best treatment for their patients. SRI protocols are available for any licensed professional such as Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Doctors of Chiropractic, Doctors of Osteopathy, Medical Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Certified Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational TherapistsExercise Physiologists, Physiatrists, Orthos, Naturopathic Doctors, Oriental Medicine Doctors, Acupuncturists, Physioptherapists and more.

SRI Programs for any Licensed Professional

Our Students Walk Away With More than Just CECs

Spinal Reflex Institute Students

SRI Certified Providers return from programs with a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, renewed joy in their profession, and confidence in our protocols. They are prepared to immediately integrate our protocols into their practices and provide their clients/patients with rapid, powerful and consistent results. 

Our students walk away with a complete tool kit when they complete program. They have precise treatment charts to ensure fast, predictable, dependable and reproducible outcomes. Most assessments take less than 30 seconds to complete and can effectively treat a given muscle pattern in 15-30 minutes. Moreover, they are designed to be integrated into your current techniques to improve your outcomes.


Your Patients Will Thank You

SRI - Your Patients Will Thank You

SRI Providers report dramatically improved client/patient satisfaction. Not only do patients see immediate results after treatment, but our protocols reinforce client/patient to provider relationships by establishing a plan. Time and again, your patient will return to see you for all of their neuromusculoskeletal problems.


Innovative Techniques

Spinal Reflex Institute, Intl.'s Innovative Technique

Traditional protocols and techniques are no longer enough to stay at the top of your profession. Our protocols and treatments are innovative and unlike any other on the market. They will set you apart from your competition because the outcomes are not only predictable, dependable, and reproducible, but the evaluations and treatments are rapid and your client/patient will see immediate results from every visit.

SRI, understands that a booklet or printout in your hand and a weekend course does not make you a skilled professional. Innovative tools are the secret to above average outcomes and comprehensive training, resources and support are the foundations to professional success. We will provide you with those tools. 

SRA, SRT and 5MinuteBack/TrueCore are predicated upon 85 years of research and 21 years of clinical management. Our protocols are constantly updated and revised to account for new scientific and clinical developments. They are also designed to be integrated into your current techniques, not replace them.


National & Global Reach


SRI, Intl. is an international healthcare educator. We have trained professionals in over seven countries and expect to expand upon this number soon. In Australia alone, we have over 28 Certified Providers. 

Spinal Reflex Institute, Intl.'s global reach

A Different Kind of Provider


Our Graduates define how successful we are as an educational provider. Not only are our students seeing improved patient outcomes, but they are reporting increased referral rates, income, practice volume and personal satisfaction. The SRI community of providers share a unique language and shared concepts. Through their training, they have developed a strong comradery and support network. More than any other strategy we have seen to date, those who possess these tools expose their compassion and reverence for those in need.

Spinal Reflex Institute, a different kind of provider


Issues SRI Programs Have Improved or Resolved as Experienced by Clients & Patients

  • Shoulder injuries & pain
  • Severe pain
  • Balance issues
  • Back instability & strength
  • Neck pain
  • Poor posture
  • Back pain & soreness
  • Weight loss
  • Leg pain
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Knee pain, swelling & range of motion
  • Hip pain
  • Injury prevention
  • Pain related to broken bones and torn muscles and ligaments 
  • Shoulder pain & injuries
  • Tendonitis
  • Migraines
  • Athletic strength, power, flexibility and recovery time
  • Injury prevention
  • Injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Muscle pain or tightness
  • Shin pain
  • Sports recovery time
  • Wrist pain & injuries
  • Snoring
  • Leg pain, tingling & numbness
  • Foot pain
  • Back spasms
  • Herniated disc related issues
Spinal Reflex Analysis and Spinal Reflex Therapy Issues Resolved

Practitioner Recommendations & Reviews

Certification in Spinal Reflex Therapy is the best investment I have made in my professional career! With the precise treatment charts and the accuracy of this system, I get powerful and consistent results every time. And that’s a real confidence builder!
— S.F., LMT
As a Physical Therapist with 31 years of experience in all aspects of care, from manual therapy certification to various other soft tissue and joint techniques, I have found the SRT protocol to be the technique that pulls it all together. The evaluation is straight forward, quick to perform and identifies the spondylogenic reflex accurately so corrective treatment can begin in less than 2 minutes. I have seen muscle weakness dramatically improve in just a few minutes. With the supplied App, I have a road map to assessment, treatment and exercises that takes the guesswork out of the SRS pattern, making evaluations and treatment are very dependable, predictable and reproducible. I recommend Spinal Reflex Therapy to every Physical Therapist regardless of their field of practice as the spondylogenic reflex is universal in its effects on the human body and its ability to heal.
— J.M., PT, MTC
This system totally rocks!!!! I’m very satisfied already with the precision and brilliance of the system. Patients were pleased with treatment before, now they are ecstatic!!!! This was the best seminar, most info, and best application that I have come across in fifteen years as a D.C.
— A.H., DC