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The most advanced laser technology coupled with the most powerful laser protocol in the world

Our goal is to help you "make the difference others don't" by bringing you the world’s most advanced laser technology combined with the world’s most powerful differential diagnostics and treatment protocol.

No other laser technology or protocol can match the power of Lumix Laser’s and SRA Laser Diagnostics and Treatment in quality, consistency, dependability of outcomes, patient and physician satisfaction, practice growth, return on investment and zero strain on the body over the life of your practice. 

SRA Laser Sales offers the only on-site training and support for laser science, protocols, office procedures, workflow, sales and case management necessary for unprecedented outcomes and the greatest return on your investment; every time!

Benefits of Lumix Lasers

Lumix Technical Benefits

  • State of the art, advanced "Superpulsed Class 4 Lasers"
  • The only High Power lasers safely delivering up to 280W
  • The only High Frequency laser delivering 1-100,000Hz
  • Exceeds 40,000 pps necessary to activate tissue gene expression for restoration and regeneration

Lumix Clinical Benefits

  • Optional on-site training on Laser Pain Management 
  • True, deep tissue penetration without burns
  • Rapidly reduces inflammation and pain
  • Accelerates tissue repair and restoration
  • Ultra fast real time diagnostic and therapeutic results

Lumix LASER Tissue Regeneration


Benefits of SRA DDX,TX and Laser Adjusting

SRA Differential Diagnostics Benefits

  • Separate functional neurological complexity and symptomology in seconds
  • Determine the true cause of muscle weakness, joint tracking error and pain
  • Systematically turn pain and dysfunction off like a light switch
  • Utilize the only optional FLIR Thermal Imaging procedure with "real time" identification and confirmation in Laser Therapy guidance

Laser Adjusting Treatment Benefits

  • The only Laser Adjusting protocol that replaces mechanical spinal manipulation
  • Precise laser protocols for the toughest of cases at your fingertips
  • Define your course of care in seconds through using SRA Software
  • Deliver consistent, reproducible, dependable and powerful outcomes
  • Build your practice on results, refferals and growing income

SRA Laser Success Formula

"I took the leap and purchased a Lumix 3 - 250W laser 18 months ago. Even with the business start-up, I paid my laser off 3 times in one year and my patients love the results!

Dr. Jarrell not only trained me in the most powerful modality available today, he trained me on how to operate a successful laser business, patient case management, laser workflow and how to promote the Lumix Laser difference!  It is not just a laser purchase, it is an SRA Laser Success Formula!"

- Dr. RT, Virginia   

Choose Lumix Lasers

Separating Science Fact from Sales Fiction

Lumix Lasers are the first "FDA Cleared" Superpulse lasers in the USA.  They are also the first FDA Cleared Superpulse synchronized with Continuous Wave lasers.  Lumix is technologically years ahead of all other therapeutic lasers with its unique high frequency (1 to 100,000Hz) and high power (45 to 280 watts) design that delivers between 125-9000 times more non ionizing, therapeutic infrared (IR) photo energy than any other therapeutic lasers.  Lumix safely delivers superior IR therapy while eliminating the burn liability associated with high power (3 watts or greater), stand alone CW lasers.

Regardless of the rated wattage, human tissue will burn if it receives greater than 2-3 watts of CW laser alone.  Lumix Superpulse Synchronized CW add on lasers allow full SP power while carrying higher levels of CW power without the rapid risk of tissue burn. Without Superpulse modulation, CW lasers alone are fast becoming obsolete. 

1. CW Lasers Alone are Obsolete - CW's primary benefit lies in the treatment of skin, superficial soft tissue structures, improved superficial vascular and lymphatic functions, local ATP production limited to a limited irradiated area, and marginal vascular (heme) distribution of photo induced chemical and thermal energy.

However, continuous wave technology peaked in design over 10 years ago due to low pulse rates (Hz) 99% of models limited to 20,000Hz or less. CW units are also limited to a 1:1 pulse delivery to rest phase ratio. Both of these limitations increase the risk of tissue burns from CW units that are rated higher than 2-3 watts of power.

To compensate for this, a practitioner must lift the therapeutic aperture off of, and continuously move it away from the target tissue so as not to exceed the tissue burn threshold.

As governed the laws of physics; CW alone loses 50-70% of the units rated power density due to the "distance inverse square law" and additional losses due to reflection and refraction in loss of photo energy from lifting off/away from your target tissue.  Thus, considerably less photo energy is delivered to deeper target tissues than claimed from over priced units with wholly inaccurate usable power ratings, higher burn risks, marginal penetration and substantially longer treatment times.

In essence, an over priced 5, 10, 25, 40, 50 or 60 watt CW laser has 2-3 watts of effective therapeutic energy at the skins surface and an approximate penetration of 1-2 cm. 

2. Cold Laser is a Concept, not a Reality - Difficult to comprehend; cold lasers do not truly exist in the infrared laser field. All infrared light produces heat when interacting with tissue and true "cold laser" is a sales term only.  All photons interact with human tissue through the conversion of photons into thermodynamic and biochemical energy.  Even laser induced increases in mitochondrial production of ATP increases cellular respiration and cellular metabolism and is known as a heat producing processes.

3. Super Pulse: As Close to "Cold" as You Get - When photo energy is delivered at high frequencies and high powers delivering one (1) pulse of photo energy followed by four (4) times the pulse width or time in a rest phase, before the next pulse. To accomplish this, you must deliver your photo pulse in nanoseconds, not milliseconds. High frequency, nanosecond delivery with a 4:1 rest phase is necessary to reduce the thermodynamics or heat accumulation in tissue.  CW's slower 1:1 ration in milliseconds results in rapid heat production.  Only Lumix, true super pulse technology with up to 100,000 pulses per second can accomplish this objective. Thus Lumix Lasers are the closest in design to true "cold laser" therapy available today! 

Really enjoyed your seminar.
Greatly enjoyed the science behind both the laser equipment and the technique.
— C.O., DC
I enjoyed learning about lasers and codification of spinal adjustments [and the] cascade of events.
— Anonymous
Patient satisfaction has been very good prior to using the laser, it is now evident that the bar has been raised exponentially!!!!
— Anonymous
I’ve been using the SRA system with the Lumix 2 for about two weeks.
The synergy involved with this is unbelievable!!!!!
— Anonymous

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