SRI Software App

Your One-Touch GPS Style App for Resolving Musculoskeletal Problems

The SRI Software App is our environmentally friendly training and treatment software designed to ensures your success in the SRI programs. It will walk you through assessing or diagnosing, testing procedures and treatment strategies and protocols for any NMS case that walks in your door so that you can maximize your outcomes for even the toughest cases. The Software Modules are scope of practice specific for your profession. 

Below, you will find an interactive demonstration of the SRI Software as well as information on which Software App version will best suit your needs.

Software Versions Available

The SRI Software App comes in two convenient forms: Online App or Offline App. The Online App is included with registration for SRA / SRT Certification. The Offline App may be purchased in addition to the Online. You must be previously Certified or currently registered in an SRA / SRT Certification Program to purchase a software license.

SRI Online Software App

  • Works on any device with a browser and internet*
  • Requires full time internet access
  • Our Online App is perfect for you if you always treat in locations where you have internet access, e.g. in your practice/clinic

*Display may vary depending on the device or browser being used. Some functions may not be supported by every browser. “Best viewed on” tablet or desktop devices and device recommendations will be provided with materials or upon request.

SRI Offline Software App

  • Requires iPad 2 or newer, or iPad Mini
  • Does not require continuous internet access*
  • Our Offline App is perfect for you if you will not always have access to internet or a good data connection, e.g. you travel to see your patients/clients or you work on an athletic field
  • The Offline App can be purchased in addition to the Online App, which is included in many of our courses and workshops.

*Internet access is required only during installation, setup, viewing training videos, manuals and periodically to refresh server relationship. 

Purchasing Your SRI Software

SRI Software App is an integral part of our SRI Training & Certification Programs. Many of our courses and workshops include the Online App however, for those of you on the go, you may request to purchase the Offline version if you are previously SRA / SRT Certified or currently registered in an SRA / SRT Certification Program. For both the Online and Offline Apps, you will need to complete an Annual SRI Software App Renewal