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Questions about Spinal Reflex?

Hello from Dr. Frank!

It's Q&A Time

Many of our visitors to the website have asked questions through our contact form and we want to thank each of you. So that others may read your questions and comments and all responses, I encourage whomever to join the SRI Blog and ask as many questions about SRA and SRT as you wish. I am sure others are wondering about similar topics and we will answer each of them.

I also want you to know that SRI, Intl. does not share or distribute any personal or statistical information with any other entity, party, business or organization. You may also opt to not share your name when on the Blog.

Some examples of questions include: How does SRA or SRT work? Why do we require you to receive and review your information and tools before attending a workshop? What are the risks to the client or patient with this system? Why do we use temperature reading or imaging devices? What conditions are excluded from using SRA or SRT with?

Look over the website or your material and think up a new question or recall that question or comment you have been meaning to ask and join us in a lively discussion on SRA/SRT! Post your questions in the comment section below and we will answer each one accordingly either here or in a new blog post.

Please join the discussion - I want to hear from you.

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Dr. Frank Jarrell is the leading expert on spondylogenic reflex syndromes and is the founder and developer of Spondylogenic Reflex Analysis (also known as Spinal Reflex Analysis) and Spinal Reflex Therapy. Learn more about Dr. Jarrell.

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