Amazing Thermal Imaging of 5MinuteBack in Action!

5MinuteBack In Action

The referenced 3 images illustrate the effects of 1 session of 5MinuteBack Advanced/Extreme (5 minutes floor and 5 minutes using band). Of note is the approximately 70% reduction in spinal, pelvic and lumbar joint and muscle inflammation, the 4 degree F. drop in T8-9 focal inflammation, and the activation of skeletal muscles over 1 hour post session.

This level of reduction in inflammation equates to gross improvement in spine and peripheral ranges of motion, increased muscle strength, reduced overall pain and stiffness, improved effector (motor) control and functional status of viscera and prolonged caloric metabolism in skeletal muscles typical of the 3-15 lb. weight loss within 6 weeks of prescribing and training the client/patient in this program. 

5MinuteBack & TrueCore

5MinuteBack and TrueCore is the culmination of over 15 years of development with over 60 supportive research articles, 10 years of in clinic application and more recently; premise substantiation using FLIR high quality thermographic imaging illustrating the anti-inflammatory and metabolic activation effects of this program. No other spinal stabilization and strengthening program offers such a rich background of diverse supportive evidence.

5MinuteBack is subdivided into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Extreme with each of the first two taking no more than 5 minutes per day. The Advanced offers both floor and standing band exercises, each 5 minutes long or 10 minutes combined. They are to be performed 1-2 times per day for optimal gains in "true core" strength. The Extreme phase is for the conditioned athlete and the active, healthy adult and pre-existing back conditions do not generally preclude one from learning and doing part or all of the program if they progress through the program under SRI, Intl. Certified professional guidance over time. 

5MinuteBack Beginner and Intermediate programs are for the general public. I am continually amazed with the rapid progress, hope and the frequent transition to a quality life that each client/patient achieves when I prescribe these as a part of the self-management portion of their care plan.

TrueCore is the provider version of the combined system and it allows the prescribing of specific, highly effective exercises by the provider that are applicable to segmental levels of the spine for therapeutic gain. TrueCore is the precursor to 5MinuteBack for those clients/patients that have a preexisting or active spinal injury, condition or disease.


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Dr. Frank Jarrell is the leading expert on spondylogenic reflex syndromes and is the founder and developer of Spondylogenic Reflex Analysis (also known as Spinal Reflex Analysis) and Spinal Reflex Therapy.  Learn more about Dr. Jarrell.

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