12 Facts on LASER Therapy That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars!

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12 Facts Revealed

  1. Purchasing or using a LASER is a science, you should not have to second guess sales hype and ill-founded facts.
  2. The human body contains over 50 chromophores, molecules that are light sensitive and responsive to LASER therapy.
  3. Infrared energy affects many photochemical pathways and ATP production, just one of the many benefits of LASER therapy.
  4. Infrared energy affects the photomechanical properties of gene expression if above the frequency 40,000 pulses/sec.
  5. Infrared energy is non ionizing energy and is not known to damage RNA/DNA.
  6. LASER design is defined by wavelength, frequency (pulse rate), pulse length and power density.
  7. The benefits of therapeutic LASER are defined by biophysics and not sales hype:
    • An important point to remember in the physics of LASER therapy is that LASER(s) and LED(s) are not the same.
      • LASER is defined as Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation and includes a fiber optic cable connected to a lens applicator. It produces a very intense beam of light or infrared radiation having the following properties:
        • Amplified energy
        • Monochromatic light (consists of one wavelength) 
        • Coherent light (meaning all energy is in phase), and 
        • Collimated light (meaning all light travels in one direction).
      • LED is defined as Light Emitting Diode and resembles a hand held shower head or electrical cable connected to a shower head applicator. They are a very cheap and convenient source of light with very low output intensity, and a high percentage of wavelength spread. They have the following properties:
        • Amplified light energy
        • Non-monochromatic light (generate a broad band or spread of wavelengths)
        • Non-coherent light (the light is not in phase and can partially cancel itself)
        • Non-collimated light (the light travels in multiple directions).
  8. The total energy (power density) delivered by a LASER or LED is inversely proportional to the distance from the target.
    • Light therapy will loose approximately 50% of its total energy at a 2 cm distance. For example, at 2 cm from the skin, a 10 watt unit will deliver only 5 watts of effective energy to the skin. At 4 cm, you will deliver only 25% of the energy, etc.
  9. The effective dose delivered is also further diminished due to:
    • Refraction (2-4% reduction due to air molecules between the aperture or treatment head and the target surface)
    • Reflection (up to 70% is lost in reflection off of the skin if the aperture is not in contact with the skin), and
    • Frequency (lower frequencies reduce the depth of penetration in the target tissue).
  10. Continuous Wave LASERs cannot deliver an effective dose greater than 2-3 watts.
    • The human skin burn threshold is between 2 and 3 watts at the surface.
    • Regardless of the claimed power in watts; all units over 3W require the unintended use of the above rules of energy loss (distance, reflection and refraction), and continuous movement off of the target to prevent tissue burns.
  11. True high power/high frequency, superpulse Lumix LASER technology allows for a high peak power (up to 450 watts) to be delivered fast enough (up to 100,000 pulse/sec) to maximize penetration, drastically shorten dosing time and maximum gene expression; all without burning tissue. Additionally, a weaker, lower watt or milliwatt unit does not have enough power to cause burns or substantial advanced tissue responses.
  12. A final tip. A successful LASER practice requires definitive evidence based delivery protocols, marketing strategies, patient scheduling strategies, work flow models and the business models to maximize your return on investment (ROI) by accelerating your payoff. Each of which I will teach you in our SRA Pain and Laser Packaged Care options. If implemented properly, Lumix LASER(s) can net a return on your purchase price in approximately 6 months.

The Lumix LASER Line

Lumix LASER technology is the world's only product designed to deliver the results and the ROI necessary for a truly successful and profitable LASER practice. Not knowing the difference in LASER products can cost you thousands of dollars in ineffective care, lost ROI, lost future income and immeasurable frustration.

I would know. After years of trying out different LASER products in my clinic, dealing with ineffective technology and trumped up claims, I finally came across a LASER that was all that it claimed to be, and more (Lumix 2 - 45 Watt and the Lumix 3 - 250 Watt LASER). Within 6 months, my investment paid off and began generating income that I never thought was possible. My clinic was pulling in an additional $80,000-100,000 each year just from the Lumix alone!


For pricing and information on SRA Lumix LASERs call 970-749-8116 or 970-749-0915.


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