SRA for Physicians & Mid-Level Providers 

Standardizing NMS Diagnostics & Treatment


Spondylogenic Reflex Analysis (also known as Spinal Reflex Analysis or SRA) for Physicians and Mid-Level providers is an evidence based protocol designed to rapidly identify one of the most prevalent causes of neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) pain and dysfunction. SRA is a critical element in differential diagnostics of atypical sensory/motor signs/symptoms, radicular vs. nonradicular pain, failed spinal injection therapy, spine and joint post-surgical complications, and progressive or chronic spinal instability. SRA is based on universal principals in physiology and neurology that are taught and applied specifically for your profession's protocols, scope of practice and professional needs. 

Developed by Dr. Loyd Frank Jarrell, the world's leading expert on spondylogenic reflex syndromes (SRS), SRA is predicated upon 85 years of formal research and 21 years of clinical management of the cascade of physiological and neurological reactions originating from SRS.

SRA Diagnostics and Treatment Training is available for Doctors of Chiropractic, Doctors of Osteopathy, Medical Doctors, Physician Assistants, Physiatrists, Orthos, Naturopathic Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Oriental Medicine Doctors, and Acupuncturists.


100% of survey respondents (90% of VA course students) said they would recommend this program to a colleague or friend, with comments ranging from ‘Very Informative’ and ‘Very Interesting’, to ‘Powerful’ and ‘Excellent.’

The SRA Advantage

General Benefits

  • Predictable, dependable and reproducible
  • Rapid diagnostic cycle averaging 30 seconds
  • Rapid determination of treatment options
  • Staged procedures to meet clinical demands 
  • Grossly improved NMS diagnostic accuracy
  • Learn more about the benefits of SRA

Multi Practice Benefits

  • Higher patient, provider and team satisfaction
  • Shared concepts and language across professions
  • Integrated multispecialty treatment options
  • Continuity of services across locations


Benefits of SRA
This system totally rocks!!!! I’m very satisfied already with the precision and brilliance of the system. Patients were pleased with treatment before, now they are ecstatic!!!!” This was the best seminar, most info, and best application, that I have come across in fifteen years as a D.C.
— A.H., DC

PDR Driven Outcomes

Spinal Reflex Analysis Student Studying Spondylogenic Reflex Syndrome

Precision protocols for predictable, dependable and reproducible (PDR) outcomes are critical for an efficient and successful doctor-patient experience. Outcome based workflow is dependent upon standardized protocols and procedures in all NMS settings.

SRA relies upon the intrinsic nature of "withdrawal reflexes" originating from zygapophyseal capsular ligaments in the posterior structures of the spinal column. When originating from the spine, acute or chronically activated withdrawal reflexes are defined as spondylogenic reflexes and will produce a polysynaptic, multimuscular sensory/motor facilitation pattern that is 100% consistent across all patients. Like all reflexes, whether in one or seven billion plus individuals, a spondylogenic reflex is a neurologically hard wired response, and once understood and accurately identified, treatment options are efficient and outcomes are maximized.

Having had my best year ever it’s a great feeling to look forward to 2015. I’m so excited to see SRA become a force. You have an amazing product to contribute to humanity.
— R.T., DC

SRA Diagnostics & Treatment

"Rooted in hard science, years of clinical application and one indisputable fact; a reflex, is a reflex, is a reflex." 


Physician Explaining Spinal Reflex Analysis Diagnostics & Treatment

When you do not see, hear or smell a threat coming from behind you, your spine will respond significantly faster than your brain to the stimuli. This primary non-visual reflex system relies on withdrawal reflexes that originate from the spinal facet joints called “spondylogenic reflexes” (spondylo=vertebra, genic=origin).

When a spondylogenic reflex gets “stuck on” due to overstretch, tears, muscle weakness and resulting chronic or recurrent instability in and around the capsular ligaments of a spinal facet joint, it hijacks the sensory/motor nervous system, activates a cascade of neurological and physiological reactions in select muscles, ligaments and tendons and results in pain and dysfunction until systematically corrected. When a spondylogenic reflex stays activated, it is defined in medical literature as a “spondylogenic reflex syndrome” (SRS). The spondylogenic reflex syndrome is responsible for a tremendous amount of pain and suffering in all populations and its prevalence is rising rapidly on a global level due to increasing musculoskeletal weakness. Each generation is getting weaker in spinal and whole body muscle strength than the last generation and, along with poor dietary, lifestyle and work habits, spondylogenic reflex syndromes continue to increase in prevalence and severity.

When properly trained through Spinal Reflex Institute, Intl., any one of the 28 pairs of spondylogenic reflexes can be located in approximately 30 seconds and Spondylogenic Reflex Analysis can be applied immediately to effectively treat a given reflexive muscle pattern and its induced attachment tendonitis, joint tracking error and inflammatory complications over the following 15-45 minutes. The cumulative effect of treatment is a significant reduction in pain, spasms, stiffness, motion dysfunction, stress, anxiety and fatigue.

I continue to be impressed with SRA every day. SRA has changed my practice and redefined my view of chiropractic.
— R.T., DC

SRA TrueCore™ Spinal Stabilization

SRA TrueCore™ Spinal Stabilization Care includes specific exercises necessary to achieve long-term patient self-support for unstable zygapophyseal joints responsible for spondylogenic reflex syndrome activation. TrueCore™ exercises are easy to instruct, easy to learn, and are performed in as little as 2-3 minutes for each unstable level (typical 1-3 exercises max per patient). 

All exercises are based on the latest concepts and research into the neurology of extraocular muscle movement driving the deepest layer intersegmental muscle activation (rotatories, intertransversarii, interspinalis and levator costae brevis) and their dependent sequential paraspinal and large motor firing cascade. TrueCore™ is a critical link in understanding and managing multifidi and other larger multisegmental and multiregional muscle strength and development.

Dr. Jarrell’s information on spinal reflexes relative to adjusting patterns is one of the most innovative insights into subluxation and treating patients in our field in 30 years!
I recommend his course to every DC.
— D.K., DC

Steps to Becoming an SRA Provider

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SRA Continuing Education Logan University

Spinal Reflex Institute, Intl. Certification requirements. Qualified CECs are included for most states. Call for CEC availability and specifics for your profession and location. Programs approved through California Board of Chiropractic for California for specific training programs, dates and locations. Check with your State for specifics.

Continuing Education Credit applied for by Logan University for specific training programs, dates and locations.

Spinal Reflex Analysis Logan CEC
Dr. Jarrell, I just wanted to send this note to say it was amazing to see the quick results.
Thank You for presenting the SRA Seminar over the past weekend and for reminding us that we are clinicians, it made me very proud to be a chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Jarrell for the awesome seminar.
— T.N., DC, JD

SRA Provider Certification Package

SRA Provider Certification Package is an all-inclusive training, equipment and software app approach that provides you with a one-touch GPS style mapping of the most prevalent cause of NMS dysfunction and it is the only Training and Certification Program available for mitigating spondylogenic reflex syndromes.

SRA is the only Certification Program on the market that provides a software app, infrared thermometer scanning device and Spondylogenic Reflex Analysis Certification Provider listing at no cost. You only pay for your educational program CECs.


Spinal Reflex Analysis Soft Tissue Chart

Steps to Certification

  1. Purchase your program and your desired (optional) IR or laser equipment now
  2. Receive your materials and training tools within 5-7 days
  3. Begin your home study immediately
  4. Attend a workshop on a date and at a location of your choosing

Workshop Schedule

Spinal Reflex Analysis Chart

Explore Additional Products & Training that Will Improve Your Technique

FLIR IR Imaging

FLIR E8 units are recommended for superior multi-use assessment and treatment of conditions reflecting joint and tissue inflammation, vascular changes, lymphatic status, neuropathies, as a laser therapy targeting device, for monitoring all pre and post therapy outcomes, patient education and report writing using IR images. The E8 is optional and can be purchased in the Cart.

FLIR E-8 Or FLIR TG-165 Optional. SRA ProScan Is Included

      FLIR E-8 hard case and Accessaries

Lumix Lasers

Lumix Lasers are technologically years ahead of all other therapeutic lasers; both in superpulsed high frequency and in high power density (HF/HP) capabilities. In a class of their own with 45 - 250 watts of infrared therapeutic energy at frequencies ranging from 1 Hz to 100,000 Hz; no other units can offer outcomes on this level. Learn more about Lumix Lasers and our SRA Laser Training.

Lumix 2 - 45 Watt Laser

Lumix 2 - 100 or 250 Watt Laser

Lumix 3 - 100 or 250 Watt Laser

Using SRA, it was the first time in 18 years as a doctor that I truly felt like could diagnose and treat with predictable and powerful outcomes!
— J.G., D.C.